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Challenges in modern standards-management

Standards play an important role for every manufacturing company. Both as a source of knowledge and as a specification of the "state of the art" required by many laws.


Time of placing on the market - Why digital analyses are important!

EU directives (e.g. the machinery or the low voltage directive) require that those requirements are met which are valid at the "time of placing on the market". This means that a manufacturer has to continuously check whether his designs and ultimately his products also meet the current legal requirements.


State of the art

In this context, the term "state of the art" plays an extremely important role. CE guidelines (e.g. the machine or low voltage guidelines) require that the "state of the art" is taken into account when designing and building products. There is no general answer to whether the "state of the art" has been achieved through compliance with standards. Courts come to different conclusions in different judgments.

These different judgments clearly show that the application of standards alone is not always sufficient to achieve the legally required state of the art. Solutions that do not even meet the standardization will rarely meet the legal requirements.

It is important for manufacturers of technical products to differentiate between three terms in order to correctly assess the legal requirements and possible liability law implications:

  • Rules of technology
  • State of the art
  • State of the art in science and technology

The topics mentioned above lead to several challenges for manufacturers:

  • How do you ensure that your products comply with the currently applicable standards at the time they are placed on the market?
  • How do you check, which positions in your projects have changes in standards?
  • How is the gap between "state of standardization" and "state of the art" or even "state of science and technology" closed?

Solutions from IBF

Software "Safexpert StandardsManager"
Use digital analyses to continuously monitor projects for their topicality and recognize the effects of changes in standards at the push of a button.


Give Feedback to standards
Have you discovered an error in a standard or guideline? Here is your uncomplicated line to report these errors to the appropriate bodies.

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