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Checklists "technical documents"

Requirements for technical documents

What are Safexpert "Technical documentation" checklists?

Checklists "Technical documents" contain the requirements for technical documentation elaborated from a standard.

Checklists "Technical documents" are additional products to the CE Guide module.

Safexpert template projects usually also contain the matching "Technical documents" checklists.

Your benefit

  • As a designer or technical writer, you can see which technical documents need to be compiled.
  • In the project, the responsible persons define, when they have completed the documents for which they are responsible
  • As a project manager, you keep track of the progress of the project in relation to the documents to be prepared.
  • Digital analyses inform you as soon as a "Technical documents" checklist has been updated if it is in your personal favourites.

How it works:

  • Create a project.
  • Depending on the setting, whether the EU Machinery Directive or the EU Low Voltage Directive applies to your product, the respective "Technical Documentation" checklist is automatically included in the CE Guide.
  • You may be able to include other available checklists.
  • In the course of project handling, the respective responsible persons set the flag "Done" when the required documents are completely available.
  • In the project status you can see at a glance which points have already been completed and which are still open.

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