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Checkpoint libraries

Requirements for necessary tests at a glance

What are Safexpert checkpoint libraries?

Checkpoint libraries contain standardised checkpoints extracted from individual sections of a standard.

As a tester, you compile the required checklists clearly for your product to be tested and according to your test order.

When standards change or the state of the art is advanced, the publishers update their checkpoint libraries worldwide centrally on the Safexpert Live Server and withdraw the outdated checkpoints. By means of digital analyses, you as an inspector learn which of your projects in which inspection areas are affected by the changes.

Checkpoint libraries are additional products to the Safexpert CheckManager. module. As of Safexpert 9.0, this is the new name for the previous Safexpert Test and Acceptance Assistant module.

Your benefit

  • Checkpoints are managed centrally.
  • Checkpoints can be withdrawn and updated centrally.
  • Digital analyses inform you as an inspector about changed inspection points. This way you know exactly which tests you need to repeat and at which points.

How it works:

  • Create a new project.
  • If it is a larger test object, divide it into test areas.
  • Create an inspection for the inspection areas, e.g. final inspection, acceptance inspection, ...
  • Add the required test points to the individual tests.
  • Carry out the tests and document your test results.
  • Complete the respective exams.

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With this software module, you can carry out tests or acceptances of machines, systems or other products in a uniform and clear manner.

Additional Products

Digitally prepared contents and requirements from standards that represent the machine-readable data basis for the software-technical support of technical work steps.

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