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What are Safexpert Knowledge Base products?

Safexpert Knowledge Base products contain additional knowledge on specific standards sections that can be updated daily.

Safexpert reads the information from the Knowledge Base from the database on the Safexpert Live Server in real time and displays the results in the Safexpert PDF Viewer in the right place directly during your study.

Knowledge Base products are additional products to the module Safexpert NormManager.

Your benefit

  • You receive valuable technical and experiential knowledge in real time directly while studying standards.
  • The assignment of additional knowledge to knowledge types provides you with a quick overview of the importance of the information.
  • You decide which Knowledge Base product you want to include in your personal favourites. This prevents you from being informed about facts that do not interest you.
  • Finally, the standards system has a platform where important and urgent information can be provided in real time and selectively channelled.
  • New knowledge is published exclusively according to the defined quality criteria. This ensures from the outset that the information in the Safexpert Knowledge Base enjoys a high level of trustworthiness.

How it works:

  • You open a licensed document in full text in Safexpert NormManager.
  • If you have purchased a Knowledge Base product that contains information about this document, the information will be displayed in the Safexpert Knowledge Base.
  • In the document, a flag is displayed for each section for which information is contained in the Safexpert Knowledge Base.
  • Click on the entry to see the detailed information from the Knowledge Base.

Knowledge types

SECOM experts have the option of assigning new technical and experiential knowledge to specific knowledge types in the product groups "Technical literature" or "Additional knowledge". This makes it easier for you as a user to get an overview of the information provided.

Trade literature

Knowledge typeContents
Specialist books and articles

Information previously offered in printed form or as an eBook, such as guides, commentaries on standards, EU directives or other documents, QM manuals, design manuals, etc., can be offered in Safexpert in digitised and machine-readable form.

Application examples

Standards must not contain any advertising for products of certain manufacturers. As a designer, however, you would like to know with which equipment you can fulfil the requirements of the standards according to the state of the art. With Safexpert, we now offer manufacturers of safety components or other products the possibility to link their proposed solutions with the requirements from standards and to update them daily. As a designer, you can find the application examples directly while studying the standard and save yourself the tedious development of your own solution.

In addition, manufacturers of safety components can also offer their proposed solution variants in their own solution libraries.

Additional knowledge

Im Gegensatz zur Produktgruppe „Fachliteratur“ werden die Inhalte der Produktgruppe „Zusatzwissen“ direkt in die Datenbank geschrieben. Dies reduziert den redaktionellen Aufwand und damit die Geschwindigkeit vom Bekanntwerden eines Ereignisses bis zur Veröffentlichung. So erfahren Sie von "wichtigen Ereignissen" in wenigen Minuten oder Stunden, anstatt Wochen oder Monate darauf zu warten!

Knowledge typeContent
Short comment

These are comments that are often short and spontaneous, so that the readers of a standard learn about a particular issue as quickly as possible.

•    Practical tips for the application of a specific section of the standard
•    General findings on a section of the standard.
•    Information about discussions in professional circles.
•    …

National difference

Despite harmonisation of the standards system, there are always differences between the national editions of a standard. This can make it difficult to demonstrably meet the standards of the target countries for a product.

With this type of knowledge, when you read a standard, you can see section by section if there is a deviation in another country, and you can see exactly what the deviation is.

Change in section

This knowledge type contains information that a section of a standard is likely to change in its successor document.

Unlike the traditional revision information recorded in the bibliographic data of standards, this additional information is already available before the new version of a standard is published.

New state of the art

This knowledge type contains information on new methods that were not yet known at the time the standard was drafted and are therefore not yet included in this form in the currently valid standard.

Important: The state of the art is relevant to create a safe product and minimise product liability risks. Mere compliance with a standard that may not have been updated for a long time and no longer corresponds to the current state of the art does not protect against this!

Error in the section

Unfortunately, errors also occur in standards time and again. However, it often takes weeks, months or even years for a standard to be officially corrected after such an error has been discovered.

This knowledge type provides the infrastructure to report new findings about errors on a daily basis.

Practical tip: If you discover an error yourself, you can give feedback directly in the NormManager. Our SECOM experts will then take care of processing the new knowledge.

Legal notice

This knowledge type provides information on legally relevant specifics.

For example, these can be references in the lists of standards in the EU Official Journal with the information that the application of a certain section of the standard does not (or no longer) have any presumption of conformity. Manually, it is almost impossible for you as a designer to keep track of such facts.

Accident information

This knowledge type includes messages about accidents that:

  • which occurred despite exact compliance with the specifications made in a standard or guideline
  • which occurred because specifications made in the standard may not be clear enough or may be written in a way that is misleading

As a designer, it is particularly important for you to know about this in order to avoid any design or instruction errors

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