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Safexpert template projects for risk assessment and CE documentation

Minimise your effort with copyable project templates!

What are Safexpert template projects?

Safexpert template projects are product-specific copy templates. "Product-specific" means: It is not one copy template for one standard. Ideally, a separate template project is developed for each machine type covered by the standard. This means for you:

  • high degree of coverage with real projects
  • less research work
  • less paperwork and
  • you will reach your target faster.

Template projects already contain the hazard areas, life phases, significant hazards and the hazard descriptions that can be derived from a standard. In addition, the template projects contain data from other Safexpert additional products, such as:

Template projects are additional products to the Safexpert risk assessment module.

When starting a project, you will usually look for files or documents in your previous projects that you can use as templates for your new project.

But be careful! Standards change. And the standards often lag behind the state of the art. Earlier solutions may then no longer be suitable in your new project. This is also clearly pointed out by the harmonised standard EN ISO 12100:2010 in section 4:

„A machine design that is acceptable at a certain point in time may no longer be justifiable if technological development allows the design of an equivalent machine with less risk.“

It is therefore important that you check for all adopted solutions whether they still correspond to the state of the art for your new product at the time of placing it on the market. In practice, this work costs a lot of know-how, time and money. With Safexpert, we now offer the complete technical infrastructure to support you digitally in this time-consuming activity.

To make this work, our SECOM experts are encouraged to insert the required normative reference data into template projects when developing them.

Your benefit

  • With Safexpert template projects, you save yourself a lot of research and paperwork.
  • The tasks, hazards, solutions for risk reduction and tests worked out from the standard support you in systematically working through the requirements of the relevant standards.
  • The solutions for risk reduction are also already elaborated and documented. You still adapt the selected measure to your machine if necessary.
  • Especially important: Digital analyses support you in checking whether the applied solutions for risk reduction still comply with the status of standardisation after copying the template project.
  • Even more comfort is offered to you by template projects into which the SECOM experts has copied the solutions from a Safexpert solution library developed as a supplement. In this case, Safexpert not only checks whether the solution still corresponds to the state of the art, but also provides a solution adapted to the state of the art.
  • Before you or your supervisor signs the declaration of conformity, carry out another "Everything done?" status check. This will help you not to forget any important points!

How it works:

  • Create a new project based on a suitable template project.
  • Ensure that the items identified in the "Project Status" window for which "important events" exist are processed by the responsible persons.
  • Check the other solutions proposed in the template project for their suitability in your project.
  • Carry out a final status check before signing your declaration of conformity so that you do not forget any important points.

New from version Safexpert 9.0:

In conjunction with the new additional product type "Solutions library", we have now created the prerequisite for continuously adapting complete solutions to the state of the art at a central point worldwide. This greatly increases the degree of automation of Safexpert!

Your three ways to a Safexpert template project


Selected specialists from our Standards Experts Community offer already created product-specific template projects for sale, which the experts will support you in using for the first time. This saves you a lot of time and money.


You can't find a suitable template project, but are looking for a solution to spread the development costs over several shoulders? Our Early Adopter Programme offers the optimal solution for you!


Would you like to create your template projects yourself with Safexpert and ensure that all relevant requirements of the standard are included in the right places? Safexpert users receive our guide to producing template projects free of charge.

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