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Solution libraries

The method for standardising solutions

What are Safexpert solution libraries?

Solution libraries contain standardised solutions for risk reduction.

As a designer or planner, you search for suitable solutions in a solution library during your risk assessments and simply transfer them completely with all detailed data into your project. This saves you the tedious and lengthy development of your own solution.

When standards change or the state of the art is advanced, the publishers update their solution libraries worldwide centrally on the Safexpert Live Server. By means of digital analyses, you as a designer can find out which of your projects are affected by which changes at which points.

Solution libraries are add-on products for the Safexpert Risk Assessment module.


Your benefit

  • Predefined solutions are available for the requirements of a specific section of the standard.
  • The solutions are managed according to various criteria. This facilitates and accelerates the selection of suitable solutions.
  • The publisher of the solution library can withdraw individual solutions and store successor solutions centrally on the Safexpert Live Server worldwide.
  • Digital analyses based on this data no longer only determine whether the risk mitigation measures selected in your projects still comply with the state of the art. Safexpert now supplies the complete follow-up solution straight away, which you can adopt with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • If a solution changes in the solution library, Safexpert informs the affected persons on the Safexpert Dashboard and in the Project Status window.
  • In the project, it is directly visible whether alternatives are available in a solution library for a selected solution.
  • Solution libraries "monitor themselves" automatically on the basis of the base documents to ensure that they are up to date.

How it works:

This already worked in Safexpert 8.6

In your risk assessment you document which standard sections you have applied in the development of the individual risk reduction measures. Digital analyses (A) determine in your projects whether the applied standard sections have changed. To do this, Safexpert uses the continuously updated reference data of the Safexpert add-on products of the type "Document structure". The "Update wizard" function supports you in adapting your solutions to the status of standardisation (C). This requires three work steps:

  • You check whether the individual risk reduction measures described still fit.
  • If not, adjust the individual measures.
  • Then you still exchange the applied standard sections.

The "Change assistant" function supports you in this work.

New from Safexpert 9.0: Solution libraries

With the procedure described above, all designers concerned have to complete the three work steps manually in all projects themselves. With our new concept of the solution library, we transfer these steps to a SECOM expert. This expert learns about important events through his own digital analyses and adapts "his" solution libraries as soon as possible, withdraws the obsolete solution and defines the new solution as the successor solution.

For you as a designer, this means: You incorporate all risk reduction measures into your project in the form of a "solution" from a suitable solution library. Subsequently, Safexpert no longer "only" checks whether sections of standards have changed! Safexpert now checks whether your solutions are still up-to-date (I). As a Safexpert user, you will also learn about this in your personal Safexpert Dashboard or in the project analysis (II). Special filter functions clearly show you all solutions that are no longer current (III).

What SECOM experts do for you

In order for this to work, SECOM experts ensure the continuous checking of whether important events have occurred that have an impact on the Safexpert add-on products (1) and (2).
If this is the case, the publishers of the respective Safexpert add-on products are encouraged to update their add-on products as soon as possible (3) and (4).

With this novel concept, SECOM experts can react to any event at lightning speed and adapt solutions not only to the state of the art, but continuously to the state of the art. Finally, there is a system that can be adapted on a daily basis and informs the people concerned.

Available solution libraries

Are you interested in solutions libraries? Please contact us for further information.

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