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What is Safexpert?

Safexpert is our thousand-times proven software for CE marking and risk assessment according to the Machinery Directive and Machinery Regulation as well as the Low Voltage Directive. Safexpert has special modules which support you and your team in your safety-related project management and in dealing with standards and EU directives.


Your Safexpert benefits

Your Safexpert benefits


Systematically and step by step to CE


Use existing projects as templates


Continuous development


Standards management and automatic project update monitoring


Optimal workflows for teamwork due to full network capability


Knowledge management - preservation of know-how in case of "Leaving Experts"


Modular design - suitable for all company sizes


Certified quality

"We recommend Safexpert as an tool to CE marking of machinery and plants."


"Safexpert is certified to be a suitable and practicable tool for conformity assessment according to the Machinery Directive."


CE software packages

Safexpert Risk Assessment
Simple and systematic according to (EN) ISO 12100


Safexpert Basic
Step by step to CE


Safexpert Compact
Professional safety engineering incl. modern standards management


Safexpert Professional
Full range of functions + access to the most important standards.


Safexpert additional products

Specially prepared data from standards or other documents support you in completing your specific tasks.

Additional products for your digital standards management

Additional products for risk assessment and CE marking

Additional products for your tests and approvals

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Safexpert Risk Assessment

The software functions of risk assessment form the core of Safexpert. They help you to create and document the legally required risk assessment efficiently, systematically and legally compliant according to EN ISO 12100.

Safexpert supports designers in this:

  • identify hazardous situations 
  • To systematically reduce risks
  • Assessing risks using a risk graph

Additional features facilitate risk assessment

  • In addition to the core functionalities of risk assessment, the software offers numerous features to make the risk assessment process as easy as possible for all parties involved:
  • Standards references - Automatic actuality monitoring
  • Change Assistant - Automated replacement of obsolete solutions
  • Selection of performance level and SIL incl. interface to Sistema software
  • Pictogram library - direct access to required warning symbols
  • Operating manual assistant - transfer residual hazards directly into the operating manual template
  • Interface to the Schema ST4 editorial system.
  • ...


Details on the risk assessment in Safexpert


The CE Guide according to the Machinery Directive or Machinery Regulation guides manufacturers of machinery and plants step by step through the conformity assessment procedure.


For manufacturers of electrical equipment, the CE Guide according to the Low Voltage Directive offers the optimal support to get to CE in a legally secure manner.

Step by step to CE

Step by step, the CE Guide leads to the CE mark and declaration of conformity. Depending on the product (machine, partly completed machine and/or electrical equipment) the user is guided through the necessary process steps in a structured manner:

Machinery Regulation (EU) 2023/1230

  1. Classification of the product
  2. Clarify application of harmonisation legislation
  3. Clarify application of standards
  4. Carry out a risk assessment
  5. Compile technical documentation
  6. Clarify conformity assessment procedures for Annex I products
  7. Production monitoring
  8. Issue EU Declaration of Conformity and affix CE marking

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

  1. Classification of product
  2. Apply relevant directives
  3. Apply relevant standards
  4. Perform risk assessment
  5. Compile technical file
  6. Assess conformity of Annex IV product
  7. Perform internal manufacturing checks
  8. Print EC declaration of conformity

Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

  1. Clarify the application of additional directives
  2. Evaluate relevant standards
  3. Perform a risk assessment
  4. Compile technical documentation
  5. Perform internal manufacturing control
  6. Print EU declaration of conformity

Included templates and checklists

To ensure that you carry out the conformity assessment procedure as efficiently and legally compliant as possible, Safexpert provides you with the features of the CE guides as well as directive-specific templates (e.g. for declarations of conformity and declarations of incorporation) and checklists (e.g. for compiling the technical documentation including operating instructions or for the requirements of the respective directive/regulation).

Safexpert StandardsManager

At first glance, one could assume that StandardManager is a conventional standards database. In fact, however, the support goes far beyond that. The software supports you in several areas:


Basic functions:

  • Search for relevant standards in special data packages
  • Detailed data on status, presumption of conformity, predecessor, successor, ...
  • Direct access to full texts

Digital analyses:

  • Automatic update monitoring of risk assessment measures
  • Analysis of the effect of time delays, e.g. if the date of placing on the market is postponed
  • Check whether measures are still up to date when projects or individual measures are copied.

Digital engineering:

  • New standards? Safexpert analyzes down to section level which changes are relevant for you - clear comparison of new and old requirements replace tedious manual activities!

Available data packages and standards packages

In order not to produce unnecessary costs in the standards research, Safexpert offers various data products:

  • Standards research and monitoring of actuality are based on data packages.
  • The functions of the Safexpert Change Assistant are based on document structures.
  • Standards in full text are available both as individual standards and in special standards packages.
  • Valuable additional knowledge on standards or laws provides important information in the respective section of the document.

This has several advantages:

  • No unnecessary costs for unused full text documents
  • Companies that already have a standards subscription can use the Safexpert update checks without having to procure the expensive full text documents twice.
  • You only pay for those data products that you actually use. 

Overview on the available data products

Safexpert CheckManager

The CheckManager supports you with the uniform checking and acceptance of machines, partly completed machines or other products. The advantages of standardized tests are:

  • Uniformity and standardization in check processes
  • Central administration and updating of checkpoint-libraries
  • Selectable check depths - When creating checkpoint-libraries, different check depths can be specified in order to adapt the level of detail of tests to the situational requirements.

Tip: Experts from our Standards Expert Community (SECOM) have already created checkpoint-libraries for common applications, which can be imported directly into the Safexpert CheckManager.

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