Software for modern Standards Management

How does the software support you in finding and managing your standards?

The Safexpert software supports you in the search, selection and application of your standards and relieves you of work in the CE marking process. In particular you profit from:

  • intuitive searches in special data packages
  • continuous updating of the underlying data
  • quick access to full texts
  • Digital analysis of existing projects for changes in standards
  • New: A wizard that allows you to update outdated solutions automatically

Much more than just software for standards management

Basic functions:

  • Search for relevant standards in special data packages
  • detailed data on status, presumption of conformity, predecessor, successor, ...
  • Access to full texts

Digital analysis:

  • Automatic document update monitoring
  • Project status monitoring
  • Projects affected by important events
  • Relevance analysis for affected projects
  • Analysis of the impact of time delays

Digital engineering:

  • New standards? Safexpert analyzes down to section level which changes are relevant for you - a clear comparison of new and old requirements replace tedious manual activities

Basic functions: Standards search and standards management

Search for relevant standards on the Safexpert Live Server - Filter functions simplify the search


Minimization of research effort through preselection of "company favorites"


No flood of information! Individual notifications when changes are made to "personal favorites"


Direct access to full-text documents - all from one source


Further features for classic standards management

  • Administration of own standards and other documents - e.g. company standards
  • Simplified search by selecting ICS subject areas
  • Extensive status information on topicality and status in the EU Official Journal (presumption of conformity)
  • Information on the document type (A, B or C standard)
  • Direct link to the full text documents
  • Information on predecessor and subsequent standards
  • Advanced filters and selection options

Hint: Free article

  • Find standards more easily: International classification (ICS) of standards

Digital analyses - Automatic actuality monitoring

In addition to the basic functions, the NormManager unfolds its full benefit in conjunction with the risk assessment and CE guide in Safexpert in connection with Safexpert add-on products:

What impact does a change in standards have on current projects?
Knowing that standards have changed is only the first step. The second step is to check whether a change in standards has an impact on ongoing projects. - This leads to costs or liability risks if the checks are not carried out due to time or cost pressure.

  • Your personal dashboard shows you which projects are affected by important events.
  • The Project Status function displays all affected areas for which events have been identified as relevant for you.


Copy and paste in the risk assessment - time saving or liability risk?
In the case of projects with a similarity to a project that has already been completed, it makes sense to take over design, calculation, etc. – however, there is legal uncertainty if the completed projects are not checked for current standards.

  • When copying projects or transferring safety-related solutions from other projects, Safexpert checks whether the standards applied are still up to date.


Predefined solutions - up-to-dateness monitoring of applied solutions.
With this function, Safexpert no longer just provides the information that the standards applied for the development are no longer up-to-date as a digital analysis result. Safexpert immediately offers the successor solution for replacement at the click of a mouse. This works when the SECOM experts or the experts in your company update the solution library in advance of a change in standards.



Digital engineering - a new era in dealing with standards

With the digital analyses described in the previous section, Safexpert provides designers with enormous support when working with standards. In addition to the further expansion of such digital analyses, we are now going one step further towards digital engineering!


Change Assistant - Update applied standard sections at the push of a button

The new "Change Assistant" function contains unique features that have never been seen before in this form anywhere in the world:

  • Display changed standard sections
    Safexpert not only tells you that a standard has changed. You now also find out which section has been replaced by which! In this way you can adapt your solution to the new state of standardization in the most efficient way.
  • Compare standard contents:
    If you have licensed the old and the new standard, Safexpert displays both standards next to each other in the right place with a single mouse click. This makes it easier for you to check your safety-related measures and make any necessary adjustments.

It has never been so easy to adapt a risk assessment after changes to standards to the new status of standardization! Details on the functions of the Safexpert Change Assistant can be found here:

Product information

Data for efficient working with standards

When working with standards, different data are required for different activities:

  • To read standards you need full text documents. These can be purchased either individually or in packages.
  • The search for standards as well as the actuality monitoring of projects and measures is carried out by means of data packages.
  • For the automated changes (Safexpert Change Assistant), you require specifically prepared reference data

As a customer, you benefit from the split into different data products, as you only pay for the data you actually use. In particular, you do not need all full texts for a standards search and thus save license fees for standards.

Further functions of Safexpert

In addition to the features of risk assessment, Safexpert supports you in safety engineering in other areas:


CE guide according to the Machinery Directive or Low Voltage Directive

Modern standards management with Safexpert NormManager

Uniform testing and acceptance with the Safexpert check and acceptance assistant

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