Changeover to the new Machinery Regulation

In this half-day seminar, we will teach you the relevant innovations to the new Machinery Regulation (EU) 2023/1230.

The new Machinery Regulation (MR) replaces the Machinery Directive (MD 2006/42/EC). Don't waste any time and familiarise yourself now with the innovations and changes that affect your product and your conformity assessment process.

This will also enable you to anticipate possible customer demands that require contractual fulfilment of the Machinery Directive now or in the near future.

The half-day online seminar provides you with a compact and well-founded introduction to the new Machinery Regulation.

Seminar programme

Important basic knowledge

  • What impact the transition from Directive to Regulation will have on businesses
  • Why was Directive 2006/42/EC amended?
  • By when does which regulation have to be applied?
  • Why there is no transitional period and how you can best prepare for the deadline
  • Attention! Depending on the duration of projects, you may have to comply with the new Machinery Regulation well before the deadline!

New and changed requirements for design, control system construction and documentation

  • Many things remain the same! Which relevant requirements are new or changed
  • Which - in particular - mechanical changes are relevant
  • What needs to be considered for machines with self-changing behaviour
  • What is changing with regard to the requirements for control systems and what role security now plays.
  • Digital operating instructions: where the limits and stumbling blocks lie.
  • What additional content is required in the operating instructions

Changed conformity assessment processes and definitions

  • Minor changes in the scope - how to determine if your product is affected by a change
  • Significant change: Now regulated at European level with the new Machinery Regulation!
  • What is changing in the conformity assessment procedures
  • When your product falls into the "high-risk machine" category and what this means for you.
  • Instructions for use: Why the "Original" label is no longer required.Declaration of conformity: Why it is no longer necessary to name an "authorised representative for compiling technical files" and what else is changing.

How to plan the changeover proactively and cost-effectively

  • Attention: Information should always be distributed to the right target group within the company. Avoid unnecessary "over-informing".
  • Why the new regulation can also be an opportunity to uncover inefficient processes and put the topic of machine safety on a new footing
  • The 5 most common causes of unnecessary costs in the safety process and how you can uncover and avoid them in the course of the transition to the new Machinery Regulation.
  • Tips and recommendations on how to allay colleagues' fears and concerns about machine safety and the transition to the new regulation

Specially suitable for

    • Design, electrical planning, software development and technical documentation
    • Product safety (CE coordinators, CE officers, compliance managers)
    • Project management and project leadership
    • Technical sales and product management
    • Quality management
    • Services in the area of product safety
    • Occupational safety (occupational safety specialist, safety officer)

    We recommend our seminar Efficient CE labelling and risk assessment of machinery and equipment in advance for people who have little or no basic knowledge of CE labelling in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

    Organizational matters

    Participation fee:

    • € 370,- plus VAT
      The participation fee is exclusive of VAT and includes training documents (PDF). Receipt of payment is a prerequisite for entry to the WEB training room.

    Seminar times:

    • 08:30 am - ca. 12:00 pm (CET/CEST)

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