Software for Risk Assessment

How does the software support you in your risk assessment?

The Safexpert Risk Assessment software supports designers of machines, plant and electrical appliances in risk assessment in accordance with EN ISO 12100. Through the structured approach, you systematically determine which hazards occur at which danger zones in which life phases and during which activities of your products. 

You evaluate these identified hazardous situations using an intuitive risk graph and then determine solutions for risk reduction.

Don't forget important aspects in the risk assessment!

Use valuable functions that support you not to forget important points (anymore) and to keep an overview in your risk assessments:

  • You can see at a glance which hazards occur in which hazard zone.
  • With a click of the mouse, you determine which hazards occur in which phases of the machinery life (e.g. in normal operation, during maintenance work, during cleaning work, etc.).
  • Status evaluations show you for which identified hazards the risk has not yet been sufficiently reduced.
  • Plant projects are clearly structured using modules and interfaces.

The uniform printouts of the risk assessment based on the technical regulation ISO/TR 14121-2 help you to bring order into your risk assessment documentation.

Your quick start in risk assessments

Would you simply like to carry out a standards-compliant risk assessment according to ISO 12100 as quickly as possible and without prior software training and document it uniformly? Then the "Safexpert risk assessment" module is just right for you!

      This is how you benefit from using this module:

      • Simple and intuitive use
      • Uniform and standards-compliant documentation
      • Central and clear management of your projects
      • You take advantage of this special software and eliminate risks of outdated Word or Excel variants
      • Continuous adaptation of the system in the event of changes to standards as part of the maintenance contract
      • Automatic or interactive conversion of old projects when standards change
      • ...

      Standards, digital analyses and assistance systems

      Standards play a decisive role in the selection and implementation of safety solutions. The software supports designers in their work in several ways:

      Standards references for risk assessment

      Measures for risk reduction can be supplemented by standard references. This means that Safexpert in conjunction with Safexpert StandardsManager can automatically check which measures in which projects will no longer be up to date.

      Included in packages: Compact, Professional - to package overview
      Required data product: Safexpert Data Package

      Change Assistant

      Due to the actuality monitoring of the Safexpert risk assessment you are informed when measures are affected by changes in standards. Your work is made even easier with the change assistant. Based on standards structural data, Safexpert shows you at section level (!) which changes have occurred in standards. 


      Included in packages: Compact, Professional - to the package overview
      Required Data Product: Machinery Directive - Structural Data


      Store solutions in libraries

      You can save frequently used solutions (e.g. consisting of descriptions of measures, control calculations, pictograms, etc.) in a central solution library.  This allows you to benefit from greater efficiency and increased legal certainty in all subsequent projects!

      Included in packages: Risk assessment, Basic, Compact, Professional - to package overview

      Further helpful features for the simplest possible risk assessment

      Selection of performance level or SIL including interface to Sistema and TIA Selection Tool

      For measures that depend on a control system (e.g. position monitoring of safety gates, etc.), the required performance level according to EN ISO 13849-1 or the required SIL according to EN IEC 62061 can be determined directly in the risk assessment.

      For calculations according to standard EN ISO13849-1 there is an interface to the software Sistema and the TIA Selection Tool software. The latter can also be used to calculate the SIL according to EN IEC 62061.

      In addition, the applied safety components can be managed in the "Components" library.

      Included in packages: Basic, Compact, Professional - to package overview

      Safexpert Pictograms Library

      Safexpert contains an individually expandable database of standardized symbols. This supports engineering in several ways:

      • Selection of the appropriate pictograms already during the risk assessment
      • QM check whether the selected pictograms have actually been attached

      The Safexpert pictogram library contains icons according to the following standards:

      • Pictogram library according to EN ISO 7010
      • Pictogram library according to ASR A1.3
      • Pictogram library according to 92/58/EEC

      Included in packages: Compact, Professional - to the package overview

      Safexpert Instructions Assistant

      This additional module forms an interface between the Safexpert risk assessment and an instruction manual template in the WORD format. Here’s how it works:

      • Indication of the residual risks or texts from other descriptions of risk reduction are documented in the Safexpert risk assessment.
      • By assigning them to bookmarks, they are quickly and easily inserted into the correct chapter of the instruction manual template.
      • The texts inserted by Safexpert are marked in WORD and can therefore be found very easily with the WORD function "Track changes" and fully formulated by the technical editor.

      This helps not to forget important points in the instruction manual and thus to reduce the product liability risk due to lack of indication of residual risks!

      Included in packages: Compact, Professional - to the package overview

      Interface to editorial system Schema ST4

      Editorial systems are becoming increasingly popular for the administration and production of technical documents. For this reason, Safexpert, in combination with the instructions assistant, offers the option of exporting the information on residual risk from the risk assessment and importing them into Schema ST4.

      Included in packages: Compact, Professional - to the package overview

      Clear printouts and reports

      The uniform printouts of the risk assessment and other documents bring order to your risk assessment documentation. Safexpert supports you with these reports:

      • Printout of the risk assessment in different formats
      • Notes for operating and assembly instructions
      • Pictogram list incl. information on the installation location of the pictograms
      • List of essential health and safety requirements
      • Parts list

      In addition to printing your reports, you can also export them to PDF, Word or Excel formats.

      Further functions of Safexpert

      In addition to the features of risk assessment, Safexpert supports you in safety engineering in other areas:


      CE guide according to the Machinery Directive or Low Voltage Directive

      Modern standards management with Safexpert StandardManager

      Uniform testing and acceptance with the Safexpert CheckManager

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