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Update applied standards sections with a few mouse clicks

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In the area of standards management, Safexpert supports you in answering these questions:

  • Which projects are affected by changes to standards?
  • Are the standards applied in my project still up to date?
  • Are the documented risk mitigation solutions based on standards still up to date?  

1. Change assistant: Support for standards updates

With the "Change assistant" function, Safexpert goes one step further: you will not only be informed that a standard has changed, but also which section has been replaced by which. This allows you to adapt your solution to the new standardisation status in the most efficient way possible. 

If you have licensed the old and the new standard, Safexpert shows you both standards side by side in the right place with a single mouse click. This makes it easier for you to check your safety-related measures and make any necessary adjustments.

This function offers you valuable support both in the CE process and in the risk assessment according to the Machinery and Low Voltage Directives. This means you can not only check that your projects are up to date when standards change, but also easily adapt a safety measure based on standards.

2. How it works

When standards change, the responsible persons must check on a case-by-case basis whether the documented risk reduction measures still comply with the state of standardisation. Important questions need to be clarified:

  • What is the name of the successor standard?
  • Where is the applied section in the new standard?
  • Has the content of the section changed?

Figure 1: Applied standards or other documents in the development of a solution and display of the status of the document

Clarifying these issues can be tedious and time-consuming! Safexpert offers the "Change assistant" function. This allows you to complete these tasks in just a few seconds at the click of a mouse:

Figure 2: In the "Status" column, you can see which standards are no longer current. In the context menu, open the new "Change assistant" window

You can access the new function via the "Open Change assistant" menu item:

Figure 3: Adapt the measure to the new requirements and update all changes to standards with a click of the mouse

In the Change assistant you can see at a glance:

  • the standards sections that were used when developing the solution,
  • the section in the subsequent standard,
  • the degree of change

The degree of change is entered by the publisher of the data product. The currently available degrees of change mean:

Degree of changeMeaning
To be checked

Based on the information about which section is the successor to the applied section, you can check yourself whether the content has changed between the two versions.
The "Compare full texts" function (see 2.1) helps you to do this.

UnchangedNeither the heading nor the content of the section has changed. This makes it easier for you to check whether the solution is still up to date.
Text changeThe heading or/and the content of the standard has changed in the new section compared to the predecessor.

Compare standards sections in full text

If you have purchased the full texts of the standards, you can open the old and the new standard directly next to each other in the appropriate places with a single mouse click:

Figure 4: Safexpert displays both standards texts directly next to each other on the screen with a single mouse click

You can then compare the two parts of the standard to check whether the safety measure still fits. If not, adapt the solution directly to the new standard in the "Change assistant" window.

2.2 Technical data correlations

The most important thing first: all your project data remains locked in your database! The analysis of which standards sections have changed and how is carried out in your Safexpert version on site based on the data in your internal database. Safexpert only obtains the data required for the selective update analyses from the Safexpert Live Server via web service.

In order for the analyses in your projects to provide correct and up-to-date information, the document structure data on the Safexpert Live Server must be kept continuously up to date. The employees in our "Data Management" department take care of this.

We check twice a day whether new lists of standards have been published in the EU Official Journal. If this is the case, our employees take care of updating the data as quickly as possible. Our data is often already updated before the changes are published on the EU website. At the same time, we update the status of standards and our standards packages on a monthly basis in cooperation with our long-standing partner "Austrian Standards".

2.3 Which modules and additional products do you need?

In order to use the Change assistant, you need:

  • At least Safexpert version 8.6 in the "Compact" or "Professional" package - to the package overview
  • the data package Machinery Directive (EU) and, if applicable, other data packages, so that the standards or standards sections applied for risk minimisation can be entered
  • Additional products of the type "document structure": these contain the preparation of standards or other documents in the individual sections including references to the sections of the predecessor document

Note: If you already own Safexpert, you will find all information on the modules you have already licensed in the "Licence overview" section of the "System" menu under "Options".

3 Your benefits at a glance

With the "Change assistant" function, we are setting another milestone in digital support for dealing with standards. In combination with all the other functions available in Safexpert, Safexpert supports you in your quality endeavours in several ways:

  • You can keep track of which projects are affected by changes to standards.
  • When opening a project, Safexpert informs you about invalid standards and provides information about the successors.
  • The Change assistant provides information about which section of a standard has been replaced by which new section.
  • If full texts are licensed, you can see the two versions of the standards directly in the appropriate place on your screen. This makes it easier for you to compare and check or adapt your safety solution.
  • With a click of the mouse, you can exchange all standards or sections of standards that you have used to develop a safety measure in a single work step

4. Next steps

Already a Safexpert customer?

Then please contact our sales department via the chat function or by e-mail. You can find information on this in the contact box below. There you will also find a link to the price list with available products of the "document structure" type.

Not yet a Safexpert customer?

In this case too, our sales team will be happy to help you via the chat function or by e-mail if you have any queries. Our free Safexpert WEB presentation, in which the change assistant is also presented, also provides valuable information.

Posted on: 2024-01-16 (last amendment)


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