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Protective vision panels at metalworking machine tools

DGUV information on guards and protective devices

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On the one hand, protective vision panels should ensure that nobody can reach into a running machine and injure themselves, and on the other hand, they should prevent chips, fragments or cooling lubricants from being ejected or sprayed out. However, they must not restrict observation of the process any more than necessary! If these criteria are met, protective vision panelscan be considered protective devices within the meaning of Annex III, 1.4.1 of the Machinery Regulation or Annex I, 1.4.1 of the Machinery Directive.  

DGUV: Special features and potential hazards

The DGUV, the German Social Accident Insurance Insitutions, have specified the topic of "Protective vision panels at metalworking machine tools" in an information brochure. This information goes into detail about the above and explains what manufacturers and operators of machines with such protective vision panels should pay attention to.

Although the article focuses on machine tools and also quotes corresponding product names such as EN ISO 23125 (turning machines) or EN ISO 16090-1 (machining centres, milling machines, transfer machines), it can also be applied to other types of machines on which protective screens are used.

DGUV describes here in particular what is important when selecting and dimensioning, what problems can occur with old machines and what residual risks can arise for operating personnel, e.g. due to ageing or improper handling of the protective vision panel.

Posted on: 2023-11-27


Florian Mische
Specialist CE marking and Safexpert. 10 years of experience as an electrical designer (planning the electrical equipment of machines, in particular design of safety controls according to EN ISO 13849-1, verification with Sistema, preparation of risk assessments according to EN ISO 12100, CE coordinator), state-certified mechatronics technician, certified machine safety expert (national) TÜV Nord.



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