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DGUV statement on proven components according to ISO 13849

Are electronic assemblies suitable as an alternative to well-tried components?

Different requirements for machine controls

Again and again, simple frequency converters, standard PLC control, simple light barriers etc. are to be used in safety functions. If category 1 is intended for these safety functions, proven components must be used. For this purpose, EN 13849-2 contains a list of well-tried components for electrical systems in Appendix D. For components not listed there, it can be determined that they are proven for a specific application. Details are provided in section 6.2.4 of EN 13849-1, but this is excluded for "complex electronic components".

The DGUV Test (= testing and certification system of the German Social Accident Insurance) has stated its position on this subject in a statement: according to its assessment, the exclusion of complex electronic components can still be justified due to numerous sources of error and weak points. A detailed justification of this position is presented in the position paper.

Note: The international standard ISO 13849-1 is currently being revised. It remains to be seen to what extent this positioning will apply to the successor standard.

To the DGUV publication

Posted on: 2022-09-14



Andreas Hensel
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