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On March 1, 2023, the national implementation of the EN IEC 62061 standard (Safety of machinery - Functional safety of safety-related electrical, electronic and programmable electronic control systems) is published. The withdrawal of the predecessor standard from 2005 including its amendments will take place on 26.4.2024. The deletion from the EU Official Journal will take place earlier, on 11.10.2023. This means that the 2005 edition loses its presumption of conformity with the Machinery Directive! All machines and systems placed on the market after October 11 should therefore comply with the new standard.

As previously reported, the risk graph included in Safexpert has already been converted to the new standard in the Safexpert 9.0 service pack. Information about this can be found in our Release Notes.

What has changed in the standard?

In practice, it is always a great effort to find out what exactly has changed. Above all, the search to which sections have been moved is sometimes very time-consuming and tedious.

As of version 9.0, Safexpert has the new "Document comparison" function. With it, you can use the specially developed filter functions to find out at the click of a mouse which sections of the predecessor document have been deleted, which have been newly added and where sections have been moved. Special parameters even inform you whether the content of a section has changed compared to the previous standard:

Figure 1: The new document comparison in Safexpert 9.0

Compare full texts directly

We have provided the full texts of the standards editions with link destinations for each individual section A mouse click will thus display the two related sections next to each other at the correct position, provided you have purchased the standards in full text:

Figure 2: With a click of the mouse, Safexpert displays the related sections on the screen. This allows you to compare the contents optimally with each other.

This comparison makes it easier for you to make a concrete comparison of the contents. The EN 62061 standards are included in the "Machine Safety Plus" standards package. Details can be found in our price list.

What you need for the document comparison

The "document comparison" function is included free of charge in the new Safexpert 9.0 version. However, in order for the comparison to work, we had to prepare the standard in machine-readable data form. To do this, we transferred each individual section of the standard into our new "document structure" type data format in our database.

We have completed this for EN 62061 for you. In addition, we have digitized over 1,500 other German and English standards from the field of "Safety of machinery" in months of meticulous detailed work. This is how we proceeded:

  • In 2016, the harmonized standards published in the Official Journal of the EU under the Machinery Directive at that time digitized for the first time.
  • For all amendments to standards published after 2016, we have digitized the respective new editions. In addition, we have entered the reference to the previous section for each section of the new standard.
  • We have additionally provided all individual sections with link destinations. This allows you to open the full-text documents directly at the right place with a single mouse click, provided you have also purchased the standards in full text.
  • Since 1.12.2020, when digitizing the standard, we have entered for each section whether the content of the respective section has changed.

To supplement the "Machine Safety" and "Machine Safety Plus" standards packages, we are now offering you the matching "Machine Safety" and "Machine Safety Plus" document structure packages.

With the matching and very cost-effective maintenance contracts for these two packages, we ensure that you receive the updated and digitized standards, including references to the predecessor standard, when standards are changed.

Ordering informationFloating license for up to 10 simultaneous accessesMaintenance contract

Document structure package "Machine safety"
contains the processed data of the EN 60204-1, EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 13849-1, EN ISO 13850, EN ISO 13854, EN ISO 13855, EN ISO 13857 

Details about this package can be found in our price list.

Art.-Nr. 7007-0001-EN.10

118,60 €

Art.-Nr.: 7007-0001-WV.EN.10

28,90 €

Document structure package "Machine Safety Plus“
contains the prepared data of approx. 60 further standards. This also includes the document structure of EN 62061 for these standards editions:

  • EN IEC 62061:2021 with references to EN 62061:2005+A1:2013+A2:2015
  • EN 62061:2005+A1:2013+A2:2015 with references to EN 62061:2005+A1:2013
  • EN 62061:2005+A1:2013 with references to EN 62061:2005

Details about this package can be found in our price list.

Art.-Nr.: 7007-0007-EN.10

217,30 €

Art.-Nr.: 7007-0002-WV.EN.10

75,20 €

In addition to this, you can already acquire all the standards published in the EU Official Journal in accordance with the Machinery Directive in digitized form. In addition, we also digitize other documents that our customers urgently need. For EN ISO 9001 (quality management systems), for example, we have already completed this.

This is a selection of standards that have already been prepared as document structures.

  • EN ISO 9001 (quality management systems)
  • EN 82079-1 (creation of usage information)
  • EN 619 (continuous conveyors)
  • EN ISO 10218-2 (industrial robots)
  • EN 60825-1 (laser equipment)
  • ...

Please contact us if you need document structures for other standards. We will check for you without obligation whether we can develop the data and, in this case, we will provide you with an offer.

Note: On Safexpert Live Server we have also included the document structures of some directives (Machinery, Low Voltage, Pressure Equipment, EMC Directive, ...). Of course, we also plan to quickly digitize the Machinery Regulation announced for this year. If possible, we will include the references to the individual sections of the Machinery Directive that is currently still valid. This will make it much easier for you to switch to the new Machinery Regulation.

Digitized standards form the basis for undreamt-of possibilities!

The benefits of machine-readable data only unfold for you as a user when you have "machines" - or rather "software systems" - that generate valuable and up-to-date knowledge from this data. Safexpert already has numerous such functions and digital analyses, for example:

  • Display the document structure before acquiring a standard.
  • The Change Assistant supports you in adapting safety-related solutions where the standard sections that
  • As of Safexpert 9.0, you can store complete standardized solutions in the so-called solution libraries, which are suitable for meeting the requirements of specific standard sections. If standards change, you can adapt your standardized solution to the new standard, withdraw the old solution and define the new solution as the successor solution. Safexpert can then no longer "only" inform you that a standard section has changed, which you took into account when developing your solution. Now it immediately provides you with information about which solutions are to be replaced in your projects. Without a doubt, an important step towards automated engineering!
  • Safexpert 9.0 offers the possibility to create checkpoints for each standard section that must be checked to determine whether the requirements of the standard section are met. When standards are changed, it is now possible to withdraw individual checkpoints and define successor checkpoints. This allows Safexpert to determine on a daily basis whether the checkpoints you are testing to are still current. Convenient filter functions show you which checkpoints may need to be repeated in test projects.
  • With the digitally prepared standards, we also offer special possibilities to manufacturers of other software systems. Via WEB service, we offer licensed users access to the data, which can be used in various software systems for the development of digital analyses. This offers unimagined possibilities for digital analyses in CAD, ERP or other software systems up to automated quality measurement in the entire supply chain.

Posted on: 2023-03-06



Ing. Helmut Frick
Since 1994 CE consulting in mechanical and plant engineering with focus on CE organization and standards management. Managing director of IBF Holding GmbH and head of the business unit "Digital Standardization".

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