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Challenges in modern standards management

Standards play an important role for every manufacturing company. Both as a source of knowledge, e.g. during the design phase, and as a concretization of the "state of the art" required by many laws. The so-called "time of placing on the market" is particularly relevant in this context.


State of the art

CE directives (e.g. the EU-Machinery Directive/Regulation or the Low Voltage Directive) require that the "state of the art" is taken into account in the design and construction of products. Whether the "state of the art" is achieved through compliance with standards cannot be answered in general terms. Courts come to different conclusions in different rulings.


Date of placing on the market

EU directives (e.g. the Machinery Directive or Machinery Regulation - or, for example, the Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive, ...) require compliance with the requirements that are valid at the "time of placing on the market". In simple terms, this means that a manufacturer must continuously check whether its designs and ultimately its products meet the current and valid requirements at the time of delivery.


Technical articles on these two topics

Standards in jurisdiction

Standards in jurisdiction

What is the real significance of safety standards? The analysis of court judgements shows the enormous importance of standards, but also points out that blind faith in standards goes too far. 

The above-mentioned topics lead to several challenges for manufacturers:

  • How do you ensure that your products comply with the currently applicable standards at the time they are placed on the market?
  • How do you check which parts of your projects are affected by changes to standards?
  • How do you close the gap between the "state of standardization" and the "state of the art" or even the "state of science and technology"?

Solutions from IBF

Safexpert "StandaredsManager" software

  • Systematic and targeted search for standards
  • Continuously monitor projects for up-to-dateness
  • Recognize the effects of changes to standards in projects and measures at the touch of a button

Safexpert data products make it quicker and easier to create safe products

  • What data do you need to update your projects and measures?
  • A standard changes... so what? With structural data, you can see if the sections relevant to you have changed. 
  • Cost-saving and efficient access to full texts - with up to 70 % price advantage in "standards packages"

Further support by IBF

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