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Standards Experts Community - SECOM

Prepare standards knowledge in a machine-readable and target group-oriented way

The world needs your knowledge!

Do you have specialist knowledge of one or more standards? Perhaps you even work in a standards committee yourself? Then you should become part of our Standards Experts Community. Our customers, but also you, will benefit from this in several ways!

Our concept

As a SECOM expert, you develop Safexpert additional products for specific standards. We offer these additional products in addition to our Safexpert modules in our WEB-Shop.

What do you get out of being involved in the SECOM?

You market your know-how

You market your valuable know-how! You yourself decide at which licence fees you offer your work in the IBF Shop.

You increase your profile

You increase your awareness on the market or that of your products and services.


Your contribution to accident prevention

You support designers and engineers in avoiding errors and thus make a valuable contribution to accident prevention.

You are part of our community

You are part of a select community of experts in an international network.

Your roles in SECOM

As a SECOM expert or SECOM editorial manager, you are an important part of our editorial team (5), which, according to our new concept for digital standards management, ensures that standards knowledge is available on the Safexpert Live Server (2) in digital and machine-readable form. The technical experts (3) benefit from this when using their software systems (1). 

The monthly updated standards data from our long-standing partner Austrian Standards (6) form the basis for the development of the Safexpert add-on products.

If you want to develop works standards (8) in your company and make them available to your suppliers, Safexpert now provides you with a system to manage your standards data digitally in such a way that your suppliers learn about changes as quickly as possible and can react to them in the ongoing projects at lightning speed.

In the editorial team (5), experts with these four roles work hand in hand:

IBF Data Management

  • Our experts in IBF Data Management monitor the publications in the EU Official Journal on a daily basis (7). They ensure that the data packages and standards packages offered by IBF are updated continuously and promptly.
  • They also update the Safexpert additional products of the type "document structure" developed and offered by IBF.
  • Optionally, and if resources are available, IBF data management staff develop specific additional products for works standards (8).

SECOM experts

  • As a SECOM expert, you develop Safexpert additional products based on your expertise and experience. 
  • SECOM experts are always natural persons. You or your company retain the copyrights to the additional products you develop.
  • This means that you decide for yourself the conditions or licence fees at which you offer your Safexpert additional products. We will be happy to support you with our experience in pricing.
  • You can offer maintenance contracts for your Safexpert additional products and thus secure the financing for the continuous updates in the medium and long term.
  • Only SECOM experts with a valid SECOM cooperation agreement may provide products for publication on the Safexpert Live Server. In this way, we pursue the goal that the published information is of high quality and provides reliable and valuable information for users.
  • If you are interested in participating in SECOM, please coordinate with IBF Community Management which Safexpert additional products you would like to develop for which standards or parts of standards. After we have signed the SECOM cooperation agreement on both sides, you start developing your Safexpert additional products.

SECOM Editorial Management

  • These are natural persons who, with regard to developed Safexpert additional products, have the competence to release these products for publication.
  • ATTENTION! It is not the task of the SECOM Editorial Management to check the products provided by SECOM experts for publication! The responsibility for the quality of the additional products provided lies with the SECOM expert! 
  • In this function you also take over the timely processing of feedback (4) received from customers on "your" standards or you ensure that this work is completed by a SECOM expert.
  • If appropriately qualified, a SECOM Editorial Management can simultaneously take on the role of a SECOM expert. 

IBF Community Management

  • The staff in IBF Community Management take care of the development and sustainable maintenance of SECOM members.
  • They are the contact persons for questions regarding participation in SECOM.
  • They coordinate with SECOM interested parties for which standards they would like to develop which Safexpert additional product types.
  • They prepare the SECOM cooperation agreement ready for signature.
  • They look after compliance with and continuous improvement of the quality management processes.

Our claim: Highest quality and up-to-dateness

It is particularly important for our customers that they can rely on the content offered in the Safexpert additional products. In order to achieve a high level of trustworthiness right from the start, we have defined quality criteria:

  • Additional products must be created in Safexpert according to the guidelines specified by IBF.
  • The publication of additional products on the Safexpert Live Server takes place according to defined quality criteria.
  • Additional products can be rated by users on an ordinal scale after purchase (in preparation).
  • Defective or outdated additional products are automatically withdrawn on Safexpert after the occurrence of an "important event" in the course of the update run.
  • Feedback or complaints about additional products are checked by the SECOM Editorial management or the IBF data management. Depending on the check result, a product may be marked as withdrawn on and removed from the web shop.

We will make extensions and changes to the quality criteria as required, and will also be happy to do so on the basis of advice from SECOM experts or users!

Are you interested in joining the SECOM?

The best thing is to get in touch with us right now! We will be happy to clarify together for which standard or expert field you could develop Safexpert additional products based on your experience. We will then send you the following documents free of charge and without obligation:

  • the draft of our SECOM cooperation agreement
  • the expert profile in which you tell us which Safexpert add-on product types you would like to develop for which standards.


For further questions, please simply call us
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