Digital standards management

Safexpert additional products

Reach your goal faster and safer with digital standards products

Safexpert additional products are digitally prepared contents and requirements from standards. According to our new concept for digital standardisation, they form the machine-readable database for software support of technical work steps.

Several additional products of different types are usually available for a standard. In this way, the data can be optimally used in different software modules, similar to a navigation system:

Navigation system

The days when you had to struggle through a foreign city with street maps are long gone. Navigation devices guide you reliably and safely to your destination. The map material forms the basis for your route calculation.

Your navigation system continuously determines whether any important events have occurred on your route that could delay your planned arrival time. In real time, you receive information about a possible alternative route that will get you to your destination faster.


Safexpert works according to a comparable concept: software modules support you in your daily work. Standards, guidelines and other documents are available to you at all times as valuable sources of knowledge.

Safexpert determines in real time, on the basis of additional products, whether cutting-edge additional knowledge on standards sections is available. Digital analyses inform you whether important events have occurred that have an impact on your personal favourites or projects.

Important note on data protection: Just as the manufacturer of a navigation system does not need to know or store your destinations, Safexpert does not need any project data for its digital analyses! No project or user data is therefore transferred to the Safexpert Live Server!

Additional products for your digital standards management

Standards and standards packages

Always access the full text of the standards you need for your daily work.

Data packages

Use these additional products to search for standards in our Internet standards database.

Document structures

Based on standards reference data, changes in standards are displayed at section level, including the reference to predecessor documents.

Knowledge Base

This database provides you with daily updated expertise and the experiences of other standards users and companies, accident information and requirements updates.


With this tool, you can analyse in a few seconds whether changes to standards have an impact on your Word, PowerPoint or Excel files.

Additional products for risk assessment and CE marking

Template projects

Safexpert template projects contain the hazard areas that occur as standard for a product type in the respective life phases.

Solutions libraries

Instead of developing a safety solution for an identified hazard yourself each time, you simply take the complete solution from a suitable solutions library.

Pictogram libraries

Database of standardised pictorial signs that can already be selected during the risk assessment. The database can be supplemented individually with further signs.

Document structures

Based on standards reference data, changes in standards are displayed at section level, including the reference to predecessor documents.

Hazard lists

The hazard list according to EN ISO 12100 contained in the Safexpert risk assessment module forms the basis for standard-compliant risk assessments.

Cross reference lists

Cross-references help you to quickly find important standard references that support you in the development of safety-related solutions.

Operating manual templates

Predefined texts on residual hazards from the risk assessment for the creation of operating instructions with a predefined structure and general requirements from EN 82079-1.

Technical documents

The requirement of a standard for the technical documentation is compiled systematically and in a structured manner.


Additional products for your checks or approvals

Checkpoint libraries

Standards often require testing to be carried out in certain sections. Access a predefined checkpoint library or create your own to share across the company.

Your three ways to a Safexpert additional product


The specialists of our Standards Experts Community offer product-specific additional products for sale in our shop. During the first application, you will be supported by the experts. This saves you a lot of time and money.


You cannot find a suitable additional product but are looking for a solution that you cannot develop yourself or do not want for other reasons. Our experts will take over the development for you.


You want to create an additional product yourself with Safexpert and ensure that all relevant requirements of the standard are included in the right places? Safexpert users receive our guide to the manufacture of additional products free of charge.

Licence variants of the additional products

First licence

Allows one (1) natural person to access the application.

Follow-on licence (personalised)

Allows simultaneous access by as many natural persons as you have licences.

Site licence

Allows all natural persons of a location of your company to use it.

Details of our licence variants can be found in section 3 of our Safexpert licence agreement.

Create additional products yourself

With Safexpert you can create additional products of various types yourself. It is important to know how Safexpert works and the interaction between the individual software modules and the add-on product types.

Guide to creating Safexpert additional products

As a holder of a valid Safexpert licence, we will be happy to send you our guide in PDF format free of charge.

Let develop Safexpert additional products

Perhaps there are no suitable Safexpert additional products available in the IBF Shop for your standards yet and you do not have the time to develop your own additional products yourself? Then one of these two options is an option for you:

Enquiry to SECOM experts

Send us an e-mail and tell us for which standard you need which additional product types. We will clarify for you whether one of our SECOM experts is interested in making you a non-binding offer for individual development.

Early Adopter Program (EAP)

This reduces the development effort for you if we find other customers who need the same additional products.


Early Adopter Program (EAP)

With this method, we ensure that the costs for Safexpert additional products can be reduced by up to 90 percent for you, while at the same time ensuring that the effort for our SECOM experts is worthwhile.

It works as simple as that:

  • Inform us for which standard you need which type of additional product types.
  • We clarify whether and at what conditions aSECOM expertcan offer the development.
  • We calculate the regular licence fees and offer them to you without obligation.
  • Development begins when a sufficient number of binding orders have been received.
  • As an EARLY ADOPTER, however, it can still be up to 90 % (!) cheaper for you afterwards! Until the published deadline, the unit price is reduced FOR ALL CUSTOMERS who order by this deadline!

Practical example

Let's assume that the effort for the development of a template project has been estimated at 12,000 Euros. Then we proceed as follows:


  1. We calculate the regular licence fees based on our market estimates, e.g. 10 single-user licences (floating) á 1,200 euros.
  2. We set the "early adopter period", e.g. 2 months.
  3. We publish the price and the early adopter period on our homepage.
  4. Now it's your turn: as soon as we have received a sufficient number of binding orders, we will commission our SECOM expert with the development.
  5. After that, however, it can become up to 90 percent cheaper for you and all other interested parties! The actual licence fees are calculated by dividing the total costs (12,000 euros) by the number of ALL orders within the early adopter period!
PricesSingle-user licence (Floating)
Individual development for your company€ 12.000,-
Regular price, provided that a sufficient number of orders are placed by the EAP deadline€ 1.200,-
From 100 orders until the expiry of the EAP deadline€ 120,-

Especially important!

Until the expiry date of the EAP period, each additional order reduces the price. Therefore, we are naturally interested in you informing colleagues and partners about this. In this way, you yourself, your partners, the SECOM expert and we at IBF benefit from it and thus ensure the rare case of:

WIN – WIN – WIN – WIN - Situation!

See for yourself!

Demo Version

With the free demo version you can test Safexpert for 60 days without obligation.

WEB Presentation

In the WEB presentation "Digital standardisation with Safexpert" you will get an overview of how Safexpert will revolutionise standardisation and how you as a user will benefit from it.

Personal Consulting

We would be happy to make an appointment for a personal consultation with you. You will learn how we can support you with our software products and services.