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Document structures

Valuable reference data for digital analyses

What are Safexpert document structures?

Document structures contain a hierarchical listing of all sections of a standard or other document (e.g.: works standard).

If the document changes, the references to the predecessor sections can be entered in the successor product of the type document structure.

By means of the integrated jump targets, you can open the document in full text at the appropriate place by double-clicking on the entry.

Document structures are additional products to the Safexpert modules:

  • NormManager: for the function "Document comparison".
  • Risk assessment: for the Change assistant function.

Your benefit

  • When standards change, you find out quickly:
    • whether the content of a section has changed,
    • which sections have been added to the successor document,
    • which sections are no longer included in the new standard,
    • where a section of the predecessor document is located in the successor document,
    • where a section in the new document was located in the predecessor,
    • whether a section has been renumbered.
  • With a mouse click, the predecessor and successor documents open in full text at the appropriate place. This way you can quickly find out exactly what has changed in terms of content.
  • The data of this supplementary product type offers a high benefit in the development of other supplementary product types, as these are based on the structure of the basic document.
  • In risk assessments, the "Change assistant" function tells you whether a section of an applied standard has a successor section. This makes it much easier for you to adapt outdated safety measures!

How it works:

Document comparison

  • Search for a desired document in the NormManager.
  • If there is a predecessor or successor to this, the "Document comparison" function is displayed in the context menu.
  • By clicking on the menu item, you select with which document you want to compare the document.
  • Both document structures are displayed side by side.
  • Clicking on an entry shows the corresponding section in the predecessor or successor, if it exists.

Change assistant

  • Open the risk assessment.
  • Select an identified hazard.
  • Click on "Open Change assistant" in the context menu if you see in the status of an applied document that it is no longer up-to-date.
  • Adjust the measures based on the available information.
  • Select the appropriate function "Keep", "Change" or "Delete".
  • Set the flag "Risk sufficiently reduced".

More products


Safexpert NormManager supports you in the search, selection and application of your standards.


Additional Products

Digitally prepared contents and requirements from standards that represent the machine-readable data basis for the software-technical support of technical work steps.


Through modern digitalisation processes, we are revolutionising standards management and paving the way for the standardisation of the future.