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Check Office documents for relevance with standards at the touch of a button.

What is the Safexpert NormAnalyzer?

The Safexpert NormAnalyzer checks your Word, PowerPoint and Excel files for relevance with harmonized European standards. This supports you, for example, in these areas:

  • Risk assessments documented in Word or Excel are checked for their relevance with harmonized European standards.
  • You avoid outdated content in presentation slides.
  • Work instructions, checklists or other templates are subjected to an update check before each application.
  • Persons responsible for updating certain templates are automatically informed by e-mail if standards referred to change.

This will contribute to error prevention and significantly support your quality management!
The application is very simple and therefore possible without software training!

Your benefit

  • You can find out at the click of a mouse which of your Word, PowerPoint or Excel files are affected by changes to standards.
  • You can quickly find the places in your documents, slides or lists where source references are no longer in line with the state of standardisation.
  • After taking over or copying files from a previous project, check whether the files contain outdated source information. This will prevent you from copying outdated solutions into your new projects without checking them.

How it works

  • Open one of your files in Word, PowerPoint or Excel.
  • If you have installed the Safexpert NormAnalyzer plug-ins on your PC, the "SAFEXPERT NORMANALYZER" tab is displayed in the menu bar of the Office program:
  • Insert source references to standards or sections of standards in the desired places.
  • Click "Check source references for up-to-dateness".
  • In a few seconds you will receive a list of all source references including the status of each individual entry.
  • Using the convenient grouping function, you can quickly see which source references are still up to date and which are not.

Check all files for relevance at the same time

To quickly perform an update check for all Word, PowerPoint and Excel files stored on a hard disk, directory or network path for updates, use the stand-alone analysis program of the Safexpert NormAnalyzer.

To start the check simply click on "Start check".

The result is collected and clearly displayed:

This figure shows which cross-references to sections of the standard are still up to date and which are not. Of course, the usual filter functions are available here to make the result even clearer.

A click on "Send result by e-mail" informs the person responsible for updating the document if a section of the standard has changed. Of course, the competence can be changed flexibly. This prevents people from being informed about changes in which they are not (any longer) interested. An unnecessary flood of information is avoided!

What you need

Licence - NormManager

A licence of the Safexpert NormManager with the corresponding data packages.

Licence - NormAnalyzer

A licence of the Safexpert NormAnalyzer.

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