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EN IEC 62061 is being changed again!

Draft standard EN IEC 62061:2021/prA1 published

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It is just 3 months since we were able to inform you that the national implementation of the European standard EN IEC 62061:2021 was published with a delay of almost 2 years (see our technical article "New EN IEC 62061 published").

Now the draft of the first amendment has already been published on 2023-06-01. 

What is changing?

Have you ever wished to see the changes directly while studying your standard, so that you can save yourself the tedious scrolling back and forth and have an immediate overview of what has changed? This and much more is exactly what the Safexpert StandardsManager offers you in conjunction with our new Safexpert Knowledge Base from version 9.0!

It's so easy to get an overview:

In the Safexpert StandardsManager, search for the document "EN IEC 62061:2021" and then click on the PDF symbol:

Figure 1: Search for standards and display the full text

The changes are displayed in the "Knowledge Base" window:

Figure 2: Overview of all planned changes in the Safexpert Knowledge Base

After clicking on an entry, the corresponding section of the standard and the associated amendment information is displayed in the Safexpert PDF viewer:

Figure 3: Clicking on the flag at the side of the page displays the details of an entry in the knowledge base.

In the standard, a flag is displayed at all sections if additional knowledge is available for the section in the knowledge base. This valuable function helps you to keep up-to-date additional knowledge on screen.

Is there no data visible in your system?

If the data is not displayed in your system, select the menu item "Documents / Additional products" in the Safexpert main menu. Then enter the search term, select the search on the Safexpert Live Server (2), click on the star in the Favourites column and select the "Personal favourite" option:

Figure 4: Using the "Personal favourite" setting, you can set whether the additional knowledge on standards sections contained in the knowledge base should be displayed

Build your own knowledge base

We are happy to support you in building up your own Safexpert Knowledge Base. This way you can ensure that new knowledge is available to all other users of a standard in the company. After all, there is nothing worse than making the same mistake a second time.

Of course, you can decide for yourself which users should have access to your valuable data.

Don't leave anything to chance!

You can still provide feedback on the new draft standard until June 30, 12 p.m. With the Safexpert feedback function, we provide you with a very simple function for this purpose:

Search for the standard in the StandardsManager (1), click on the desired document (2). Then the bibliographic data are displayed. Click there on "Feedback" (3). Enter the section number for which you want to write feedback (4). Enter your feedback (5) (6). Confirm that you have read the general instructions (7) and click on Send (8):

Figure 5: Giving your feedback on standards has never been easier!

We will forward your feedback to the relevant departments. Of course, you are not liable for the accuracy of your information.

Please feel free to use this function for any errors or inconsistencies related to standards and thus help to bring more speed into standardisation!

Giving feedback without Safexpert

You don't have Safexpert yet? Then please use our online form for your feedback

Figure 6: Unbureaucratic feedback on standards - without registration, without obligation, without any liability!

Ordering the Safexpert StandardsManager

With Safexpert StandardsManager, we are not just providing you with another system for standards management. With Safexpert StandardsManager you set the course for your digital standards management of the future. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will benefit from machine-readable data and digital analyses. Order Safexpert StandardsManager right now if you don't already have it:


Posted on: 2023-06-26



Ing. Helmut Frick
Since 1994 CE consulting in mechanical and plant engineering with focus on CE organization and standards management. Managing director of IBF Holding GmbH and head of the business unit "Digital Standardization".

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